Evidence before Art

I think of myself as a video ethnomethodologist1 – a social scientist who utilises disruptive techniques (social experiments) in conjunction with...

Coke no-fun-Marketing Minutes

Coke "no fun"

We discuss the rebranding of Coke Zero to Coke no sugar. https://vimeo.com/230712272  


The Department of Lame

This Department of Finance recruitment video attracted some adverse comments - we discuss why. https://vimeo.com/230708072  


Leggo's sexy new Nonna

We kick off by discussing the different style of advert recently created by Leggo. https://vimeo.com/230707527

Weaponized Design

The utopian future that many human centred designers in the UX world imagine is based in ideology, not empathy An ethnographer perspective on the...

Why we choose to collaborate

Why research is moving from star individuals to star collaborations. What makes greatness in insight and strategy? For decades the research industry...

Slow Research in a Culture of Fast.

Slow research in a culture of fast Nick Agafonoff warns of the dangers of a world in which the researcher becomes an operator of technology rather...