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Our working relationship with McDonald’s goes back many many years and has been transformative.

Our research has been wide ranging from deep cultural studies exploring the future of casual eating occasions in Australia, to developing CreateYourTaste, Digital kiosk ordering, Burger Bar, as well as refining the customer journey experience In-store, for DriveThrough and Delivery.

We spend a lot of time with customers in McDonald’s stores observing their behavior and use an arsenal of technologies, including Eyetracking, heat-maps and real-time reflexivity for precision insight and learning.

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to work with TAL on a variety of deep dive projects that unlock the codes of insurance for modern consumers in an evolving insurance market.

Our research has explored in-depth the lived experience of insurance across the consumption cycle, but also engaged the business experience from the perspective of different key stakeholders.

The combination of online forums with filmed ethnography, stakeholder interviews and diagnostic group sessions, has enabled us to get deeper into the needs, drivers and barriers to adopting insurance products in the context of massive cultural and institutional change.

You Tube

Recently we had the opportunity to work with Google on a project that explored the new advertising paradigm for the YouTube generation.

Broadly, our consumer research explored the culture of media consumption in general and how it has changed, including how consumption of online media content, such as video, has impacted the way people now consume traditional media, such as television.

Specifically, we were able to deliver a series of principles and formats for online advertisers to be more effective in the online and YouTube environments, as well as help YouTube to strategize around how it distributes advertising within its platform.

Unquestionably one of our most challenging and enriching research projects in recent times is for Facebook.

This project involved linking impulse purchases to social media usage and behavior through the lens of everyday lived experiences and deep psychological analysis.

(1) We understood traditional impulse purchase occasions. (2) We explored the role of social media in peoples lives. (3) We documented and brought-to-life how social media is changing impulse purchase culture, occasions and everyday interactions. (4) With consumers, we then projected the idealized future of making impulse purchases in or via social media.


We have been a crucial research and strategy partner with VW through a difficult time for the company.

The client trusted us and our multi-faceted qualitative-quantitative approach to really understand the consumer reaction to the emissions crisis and then to develop a communication strategy to aid VW in dealing with the crisis.

In addition to delivering the client a detailed picture of the longer term effect of the emissions crisis on the VW brand, including through the lens of filmed immersions with emissions-effected customers, we also developed a robust quantitative tracker to measure changing attitudes and perceptions over a 2 year period.

Cerebos contacted us to revamp an old classic – the Fountain sauce range, and we said ‘yes’.

More in line with a traditional packaging research project, we brought new approaches and ways of thinking to the design execution of the old range of Fountain sauces.

The clarity and depth of our insight deciphered the deeper psychological response to a range of design stimulus and laid the foundations for the client to confidently proceed with a clear strategic direction for the new packaging launch.

We continue to work with Metcash to understand and determine the future strategic direction of the IGA brand in a highly competitive supermarket environment.

Employing a combination of digital shopping communities, accompanied shopping sessions, deeper filmed immersions into shoppers everyday lives, and diagnostic group discussions to idealize the future shopping experience, we have been able to deliver IGA the bible for grocery shopping occasions, triggers and desires.

In addition, we are currently working with IGA on how to best execute future brand, marketing, communication and product-range strategies.

Our work with Frucor on a variety of projects has revolved around innovation, expansion and rediscovery of new and established drink brands.

We have tackled the codes of healthier drinks, to working through the pros and cons of fusion products, and, identifying the unseen assets in popular youth brands, such as V.

In a category where everyone thinks they know everything already, we have employed observational techniques with reflexive inquiry highly effectively to tap previously unknown unknowns, including formulating a brand extension strategy based on a previously invisible insight.