Fresh Credible Insights

In the world of consumer research today, no one discipline or approach is a silver bullet.

At The Practice we bring together a broad range of skills, expertise and knowledge across disciplines where required: design-inspired thinking, video storytelling, online forums, Netnography, Eyetracking. We also bring new approaches to projective and diagnostic techniques, semiotics, need states analysis, and online surveys.
We never limit ourselves to a particular specialisation, although we are expert in many. We are always open to adapting new approaches and techniques into our repertoire. This means we continually innovate the ways we obtain and analyze our data.

We can tailor our methods and approach to every budget.


Designed to explore the fantasies and realities of consumers living in the conditions of the future.


A real-time digital sharing community to tap the lived experience of consumers via online and social media platforms.


Distilling existing trends data into meaningful stories and identifying key future implications.


A unique psychological diagnostic sessions that explores deeper drivers and triggers.


Filmed anthropological sessions that explore consumers’ real worlds and the lived experience of brands.


A workshop using social media platforms to identify key leverage points, strategic opportunities and innovation pathways.


A reflexive application of Eyetracking technology to build a context of lived experience with clear strategic implications for user interaction.

Live Portfolios

Live Portfolios enables our research clients to follow entire research projects from beginning to end via videos that are uploaded to a password protected website destination.

Live Groups

Live Groups uses our video portal to facilitate group discussion and commentary for non-linear brainstorming and ideation.

Today's empowered consumers

We empower people to take us on a journey into their authentic realities and subjectivities. Today’s consumers are more connected but harder to reach than ever. They’ve also developed filtering systems for top-down communication and research strategies. They are cynical about traditional advertising, marketing and market research. So, we meet people on their terms. We give them control and allow them to lead the research. In return, they give us full access to their consciousness and lived experience, allowing us to tap into their subjective truths, needs and deeper desires.

Empowering Our Research Panel.

  • Meeting them in their worlds and on their terms (real and online)
  • Allowing them to tell their story, show and tell their worlds
  • Collaborating with them as co-researchers wherever possible
  • Enabling them to conduct social experiments of their own
  • Encouraging them to bring others into honest and real discussions
  • Identifying implications for the business once they fully understand themselves and their relationship to it.

We explore key influences of decision-making and consumer behaviour.