Consumer culture has moved on.

Top-down advertising, marketing and product development is losing efficacy with modern consumers.

Cultural phenomena, consumer-generated advertising and human-centred products and services now determine market success.

We help our clients to achieve greater success in modern markets by enabling full immersion into how consumers experience products and services in their everyday lives and by exploring their deeper psychological relationships with brands.

Collaborationfor success.

At The Practice we specialise in collaborative research techniques. We enable people from both the business and consumer sides to become stakeholders in the research process. This leads to more powerful outcomes where brands are fully aligned with their true purpose.

Lived Experience.

The solution to all brand, product, service and category challenges lies in understanding their lived experience because how people live brands is often quite different to how they know brands and what they tell others about them.

Engaging Consumers.

We have developed a robust set of qualitative science methodologies – processes, tools and devices, including social experiments, to comprehensively engage consumers in all their realms and raise their self-awareness in relation to brands and branded experiences.

Insights and Strategies.

We obtain, analyse and distil this information into codes and strategies that inspire action for marketing, advertising and innovation. We employ infographics and video storytelling to bring the insights to life so they can be easily accessed and distributed for maximum effect.

Work With Us

At The Practice, everyone is automatically a director. With equal high status everyone’s full potential is accessed. We all have our own individual identity and authority on any given project. We each have complete autonomy in our working arrangements as long as it does not effect outcomes.

This gives us total freedom to collaborate, leading to greater fulfilment in what we do and how we do it.

This new model for a research agency leverages the whole experience, knowledge, creativity and energy of every individual for the benefit of all our clients’ businesses.

If you would like to collaborate with The Practice, feel free to drop by sometime – we are always open to new working relationships and possibilities, especially if it benefits our clients.

Our Brands